Oct 31, 2012

Ghouls and monsters will invade the University of Hawaii when Halloween time comes. This year it will not only be the monsters that come out to play, but maybe some alter egos.

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According to, Halloween originated from an ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. People would light fires and wear scary looking masks to ward of wandering ghosts. Pope Gregory III in the eighth century chose November 1st to honor all martyrs. This was called All Saints day and included some of the traditions from the festival of Samhain. The evening before was referred to All Hallows’ Eve that was eventually translates over time into Halloween.

Over the centuries Halloween has turned into a time of getting together with friends, dressing in crazy or scary costumes, and having a good time. It is about going to the bars dressed in costume, staying in watching scary movies, or going trick-or-treating. But the “innocence” of Halloween has now been over run by young women in almost nothing.


Is there something more to Halloween costumes now then before? In today’s society the extreme of 50 or 60 years ago is the norm now. But with all the sometimes-inappropriate costumes, there appears to be an underlying meaning to costumes.

There are more to promiscuousHalloween costumes than meets the eye. According to psychology professor John Suler at the Rider University in New Jersey, he asked students what they were being for Halloween and then proceeded to interview their peers on the student’s personality. He found out that the costumes picked by the student reflected the opposite of the student’s personality.

“I can believe it, you literally can be whatever, whoever you want and no one is going to say anything. Maybe except that your costume is cute”, said Mount on Suler’s findings.

Another study was done by Professor Sally Foster from the University of Miracosta in California. She found that instead of hiding repressed alter ego some people express safer, happier, or darker times in their lives.

According to Foster, “innocents” like fairies or princesses may express a safer time in a person’s life while evil characters allow a person to show that they have a dark side without having any guilt.

Society’s influences

552314_10200092023968433_500060515_nWith influences like the movie Mean Girls justifying the way young adults dress on Halloween with the famous quote “Halloween is the only time of the year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it”, young women feel like it is the night to go all out.

“I think it’s about being someone you aren’t for one night. I mean, Mean Girls is a pretty big influence on how girls dress on Halloween”, said UH Manoa student Emily Mount

IMG_4192Just because something is said on TV or in movies doesn’t mean it is true at all. It seems these days that girls have really taken that saying to heart. Where does the opposite sex fit into the matter? UH Manoa male students have mixed reviews.

“I understand it’s a night of fun, but some girls take it way to far. I saw one girl last weekend and her costume was “the walk of shame”, like really?” said UH Manoa student Chris Soltan.

While UH Manoa student Bobby Panighetti said, “I can’t complain. Its nice to see good looking women in basically nothing, but at the same time some respect for yourself would be nice”.

Silent miscommunications

There are two sides to every story. Some females have no underlying agenda to their outfit choice, just have the confidence to rock what they are wearing and on the other hand some are trying to get the attention of the opposite sex. But by dressing in close to nothing or extremely revealing outfits it may send the wrong message to the opposite sex. Flirting along with a promiscuous outfit can cause trouble. Some people may take that as a green light to make a pass on young women, when its not.

“I get called a creep because I am hitting on a girl with nothing on. Well what did you expect looking like that?” said Panighetti.

There becomes a silent miscommunication between males and females. It seems like all the attention goes to the females with promiscuous outfits, but at the same time the males expect women to dress with some class. It can be confusing for some females that are looking to impress a certain someone.

“I always say modest is hottest,” laughed Soltan.

This Halloween be careful what you choose, you make be revealing a little more than just some skin.



Dec. 3, 2012



College students are broke. Between having to pay for tuition, housing, and meal plans there is no money left for anything. When students do have money to spend a lot of it goes to shopping.

The living cost in Hawaii is high because everything has to be imported. Specifically on Oahu, Waikiki is tourist central with jacked up prices. For college students this is not ideal place to live financially. With places like Ala Moana shopping center, one visit will leave any student in debt.


The best alternative to shopping at big expensive centers is Goodwill! With Goodwill available students won’t break their bank accounts. Many may notthink so at first but after one visit their minds are easily changed. There are six Goodwill stores plus one giant surplus warehouse on Oahu alone.

Going into Goodwill one is able to walk in with 40 dollars and walk out with five or more items. If one were to go to Ala Moana and shop at one of their stores they would be lucky if they walked out with more than one thing.

“Goodwill is a poor man, or woman’s paradise. I am in heaven there”, said University of Hawaii at Manoa student Sarah Marten.

For some shoppers the idea of wearing others clothes is gross or unsanitary but at Goodwill many of their clothes are never worn and still have tags. Goodwill does not wash their donations, although they advise donators to wash their clothes before donating them. With brands such as Calvin Klein, Ann Taylor, Nike, and Reyn Spooner there are a wide variety for the classiest shoppers to choose from.


“I was surprised how many good quality clothes I found,” said University of Hawaii student Shane Rogers. “I found a few Nike shirts with tags still on them for only 4 dollars, I wasn’t expecting that.”


Also by donating to Goodwill, the proceeds go to different programs. Goodwill has mission, commercial, community, and employment services. So have purchase made will go towards one of the services.

“I think it’s a cool concept, I haven’t really heard of a charity helping people find jobs especially in this economy,” said Rogers “Charities are always helping animals or helping oversees.”

Goodwill Virgins

When first arriving at any Goodwill location there is a faint musty smell that lingers in Goodwill, but one shouldn’t be deterred. There is an array of items: clothes, kitchen appliances, handbags, and more. It can be completely overwhelming at first but there are tips that can make any Goodwill virgin a pro.

“You have to go at it with an open mind. Its crazy at first but once you learn how to conquer Goodwill then you’ll want to go all the time,” said Marten.

A few tips that Marten had for Goodwill virgins are to shop frequently, old high waisted pants are perfect for shorts, and just because its cheap doesn’t mean you should get it. Goodwill restocks clothes daily at all their locations and by shopping frequently its guaranteed there will be something new every time a location is visited.

“High waisted shorts are all the rage in the fashion world right now. I always get compliments on all my shorts I cut myself,” said Marten

One of the biggest mistakes any Goodwill virgin can make is buying items they really wouldn’t use just because it is so cheap.

“You buy a shirt you kind of like but deep down inside you know you would never wear it” said Marten, “That is the biggest mistake, you end up with so much random stuff in your closet and end up just donating it back to Goodwill”.

Taking old and used clothes and turning them into your own is the best part about Goodwill. Marten takes old high waisted jeans and makes them into cute high waisted shorts. She does this with different clothes and sells them on her online shop and makes profit off them.

“It’s a great way to save and make money all in one,” said Marten about selling her clothes online.

Women’s Campus Club Thrift Store

But what if students don’t have a car or don’t want to take the bus to Goodwill? Up behind the biomedical science buildings and tucked away from the rest of campus sits a quaint little thrift shop. Run by the Women’s Campus Club, this thrift store comprises of clothes, books, kitchen appliances and toys. Everything is priced from 50 cents to 10 dollars.


“It is really small and kind of stuffy. But its cool that the thrift store is on campus,” said Marten.

Although it is no Goodwill, it still provides students and residents with unique items. Students don’t need to go far in order to get a few household items and school supplies.

The Women’s Campus Club runs the on campus thrift shop. Leora Parmelee Dean started the Women’s Campus Club in 1907 for the women faculty and the faculty wives. The Women’s Campus Club purpose is stated by three words: scholarship, service, and fellowship. The club provides scholarships and grants.

Whether students decide to shop at Goodwill or take a walk up the road to the school thrift shop, there are many good finds for students to take advantage of while saving money for more important things like school and food.




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