How much we hate the cafeteria

4 Dec

I love food. I love all kinds of food. Food in little janky shacks or food in high class restaurants that I can’t afford at all are what my taste buds crave for!! BUT THE ONE THING I CAN’T STAND MORE THAN ANYTHING IS THE CAFETERIA !!!!
1.Everything somehow tastes all the same
2. All the meat is 50% fat!
3. All the plates are hot as efff! I don’t understand, I want a nice cold salad and by the time I get to the table it’s a warm salad. Gross.
4. I have yet to have one good plate of pasta… HOW DO YOU MESS THAT UP?!
5. And lastly the the period after you’re done eating and you feel like a pregnant woman about to throw up! It’s like clock work. It’s the nastiest thing ever.

I mean I know I shouldn’t be complaining cause there are many that would kill to have food but still… Just a little rant.




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